Project “The World on tour.”


A project that takes place during the Four Days Marches fests from 13-19 July 2013 in Nijmegen, Netherlands . The goal is to create awareness about plastic litter in a creative way.

The project ‘The World on tour’  of the Foundation Klean is the reason for the ambitious sustainability program of the Nijmegen based  Foundation Stiksoep, which takes place during the Nijmegen Four Days Marches fests. Teddy Vrijmoet, the director of the Four Days Marches fests, is pleased with the project and says: “The project fits into the sustainability objectives of the Four Days Marches”.

The globe is made by the Amsterdam artist Peter Smidt, who is also the founder of Foundation Klean. The voyage of ‘the world’ will start in Nijmegen and end in Rotterdam. In some larger cities, a program will be organized around the arrival of the globe. Cities such as Nijmegen, Oss, Den Bosch, Dordrecht and Rotterdam are participating in this trip. In every city there is an organizer. In Nijmegen the organizer is  Anita Waltman, the director/manager of the foundation Stiksoep. Anita is also a visual artist (  The foundation Stiksoep is committed to raise awareness of the problem of plastic litter and its link to the “plastic soup” in the oceans. This is done through education in primary schools, exhibitions and other cultural activities.

Klean and Stiksoep decided  to connect “The tour” with the Four Days Marches  to reach a vast public, more than 2 million visitors come to  Nijmegen for the Four Days Marches and summer festivities . We aim to start the voyage of the Globe through the Maas-Waal channel . The globe will arrive at the quay in Nijmegen on Saturday 13 July, when the summer festivities begin.

It is likely that the globe will be exposed at the Kaaij.  At this location, the globe can be seen from the train, from the Waal Bridge and the riverside for walkers and festivity visitors.  This place is also ideal because other works of art will be exposed on the beach of Kaaij and art workshops with plastic waste will take place here.

Community art project:

We aim to make as many people in Nijmegen as possible aware of the Plastic Soup. For this a  community art project  is conceived. It will take place on the beach of the Kaaij and  Festival op t eiland. With Nijmegen inhabitants  and visitors, young and old, we will build a giant turtle. And maybe even a turtle egg …. The turtle is about 4 meters high and made of plastic litter. It will float on plastic bottles The turtle was chosen  because the main character in our new book, which we are currently writing for primary schools, is a turtle. The collection of the waste for this community art project has already begun.


During the summer festivities  we organize workshops for the kids at various locations , like the Valkhof Museum, the Museum of Nature, De Oase and The Kaaij. BSO kids and children on holidays in Nijmegen, can search for waste and create art. They clean our city and floodplains and make something beautiful. We strive to ensure that the “Stiksoep”  stand, where more information is displayed about the plastic soup and its consequences, is built by children. They do this with their collected waste as building material. Possibly there are workshops at other locations in the city.


We will participate in the fashion show ‘Green is Cool’ from the Oase. We will show some dresses from plastic waste made by younsters, inspired by fashiondesigners.


At various locations in Nijmegen there will be exhibitions of visual art which are related to the topic. At locations like Valkhofmuseum, Galery Bart, De Kunstvloer Het Groene Hert, Beach De Kaaij, etc. There is art in the form of video, sculpture, installation, photo, sound and painting.


Seven bands write a song with the plastic soup as inspiration. These are bands across several genres. These Stiksoepnumbers will be performed at various locations in the city. These include the location of the globe at the Kaaij, Valkhof Museum, De Oase and Galerie Bart

If we can collect enough money, we make a Stiksoep EP containing the songs of the plastic soup.


Four poets are writing a poem about the plastic soup. They will perform during the festival.

Belly Painting

Pregnant woman can get a sustainable message on their belly. Art illustrators are painting the oceans as we would like to see them. There will be a documentary of this art piece.

Information stand Stiksoep:

In this stand, constructed of plastic waste, we show videos about the plastic soup. These are educational films but also brochures of Stiksoep. There is a footprint folder created in collaboration with Royal Haskoning, Rijkswaterstaat will provide information about their clean rivers projects and of course the Four Days Marches Summer festivities will provide information about their sustainability project.

Acrobats at the Waalbridge



Acrobats have a performance of course based on the Plastic Soup. They start under the ceiling of the bridge and end up in the Waal at the Plastic Globe.


The size of the program depends on donations and grants.

We now work mainly with enthusiastic and committed volunteers who supervise the project. For many initiatives, however, we need money. For this we try to attract grants and sponsorships.

Do you think nature and our future are important and you want to  support our project, then pay a contribution to Triodos Bank,, Stichting Stik Soep.

Or SMS ‘Donatie soep’ naar 1008

Peter and Anita toast for a safe voyage of the globe.


For more information please mail to the project coordinator for Nijmegen: Anita Waltman,