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SAVE OUR BLUE PLANET and its inhabitants by VOTING for OUR PROJECT.

Foundation STIKSOEP is allowed to participate in a national contest to win funding for new projects. Your vote is also for yourself as this world is yours too!

SO VOTE NOW and give your 20 points to our project by clicking on: . To vote, first click on the LinkedIn icon. Then choose our project (with the seal) in the Stiksoep election screen (under Janssen Coacht) and plus in the lower right to 10 points. This is also possible via the Facebook icon (so you can give a total of 20 points)

Good luck with voting and thank you very much on behalf of all Stiksoepers and river / ocean dwellers 🙂


Let me introduce you the leading character in our new book


Michelle van Heijst graduated last year from the Academy St. Joost in DenBosch. She followed it toward illustration. Now she illustrates our children’s books in which we want to make clear what the Plastic Soup is. How the Plastic Soup occurs and what they can do to prevent the soup. Our story will make the Plastic Soup less abstract for small children by connecting the story to the schoolyard. We expect that the book is ready for the next school year. To be continued ….

Cooperation with Staatsbosbeheer


During a meeting with Rick Basten from Staatsbosbeheer we decided to work together during the big waste cleaning action, april 4 and 5, in the national park alongside the river Waal. For the last nine years they are cleaning up the area with the help of schoolkids. This year Stiksoep will join their action and will provide extra information to the kids about the plastic soup. Last year about 500 kids joined this cleaning action. Maybe we can use the found bottles for the community art program Turtle which takes place in July during the Fourdayswalk fests.

Staatsbosbeheer is commissioned by the Dutch government and manages a sizeable amount of the nature reserves in the Netherlands.

The continuous story of museum Het Valkhof

Today we further planned our Fourdayswalk program with museum Het Valkhof. This project is part of the bigger project ‘The World will go on a voyage’. We looked a spots inside and outside the museum to do workshops and exposition of plastic soup related art.  With nice whether we will work outside in the museum sculpture garden. With bad whether we have an escape to the inside education area.


Environment Educational Centre Nijmegen

Today we the Environment Education Centre Nijmegen (MEC) decided to enclose our schoolprogam in their overall education package. They are enthousiastic about the Stiksoep schoolprogram and we will be on their website soon ( Our program will then be visible for all schools in Nijmegen area.

Plasticcleaningvessel from SK International comes to Nijmegen

In The Netherlands SK International and Royal Haskoning DHV designed a new weapon against the plastic waste problems in rivers and oceans.

It is a dismountable platform which can remove plastic litter from the water. The prototype has been tested successfully and the plastic fisher is ready for use.


Royal Haskoning DHV will try to get this vessel to Nijmegen during our project ‘The World will go on a voyage’. In this link you will get a demonstration of this new innovation

Art Space at ‘Het Groene Hert’

The sustainability information centre Het Groene Hert in Nijmegen has now an art space in their shop. Artists are challenged to give their vision on nature in relation to sustainability. This to confront customers to think about the link of human and nature..

Our Stiksoep founder Anita Waltman is the first artist to expose. Her vision about what the effect is from people on nature is exposed with a video installation.


Meeting with Bigmouth

Today Stiksoep had a meeting with Peter Onstein from recordingstudio Bigmouth. We discussed the Stiksoep EP project where several bands from different music styles write and sing a song inspired by the Plastic Soup. Peter has a warm heart for this good cause and is willing to work with us.

Cultuurknooppunt Wijchen

Today Stiksoep had a meeting in Wijchen with the organisation Cultuurknooppunt. This organisation is managing the cultural educational program for primary schools in Wijchen and Beuningen. They were enthusiastic about the Stiksoep school program and would like to put it in their educational program. Annette Hormes based in Wijchen will coordinate the project for Stiksoep. In the near future we will give a presentation about our creative plastic soup program to all cultural coordinators from the connected primary schools