Artist Aurora Robson

The Great Indoors, 2008 from the American Artist Aurora Robson. The installation is made of approx 15,000 PET bottles (aka plastic debris) tinted polycrylic, solar powered LEDs. It is approx. 16′ tall x 40′ x 40′. This piece was made for an exhibit at the Rice Gallery in Houston, Texas.
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Artist Jane Perkins


Athough her background is in textiles, she now works predominantly with plastic. In her current body of work, Plastic Classics, Old Masters are given a contemporary twist. She uses anything of the right size, shape or colour: toys, shells, buttons, beads, jewellery, curtain hooks, springs etc. No colour is added – everything is used exactly ‘as found’.

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Artist Royalsteez


Artist ROYALSTEEZ confronts the public by dumping plastic wast in the ‘Hans Snoek’ fountain!

At the ‘Leidseplein’ in Amsterdam a special artwork was made public through the performance of Royalsteez, he made a plastic soup of bottles and garbagebags. It was floating in the beautiful fountain in front of the American Hotel. He wanted to get attention for the project Kaisei, an initiative of the Ocean Voyages Institute, which is making an effort on cleaning the plastic in the oceans.

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